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We have been so blessed to receive much wonderful feedback about the presentation of our story.

Please find below some examples of this feedback.

Best PD EVER!!

AT - Education Support Officer


We came to your Geelong talk last night and you were both nothing short of inspirational. My 13 year old was diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD and Anxiety at around 8 years old. For him to listen to someone who shared and more importantly over came many similar has was wonderful and gave him so much confidence. He kept jabbing me with his elbow and saying "that is like me Dad" and we talked all the way home about Daniel's achievements and it gave my boy real belief that things would work out for him (sadly this is not always the case).

One of the main things we took away from the talk was how much positive effect the extra curricular activities and camps seem to have on Daniel's confidence and social skills. My boy has never had the confidence to get involved in these kind of things but listening to both of you talk about these experiences has given him renewed determination to give such things a go, as well as a real understanding of the benefits of these kinds of activities. In this sense we can see that listening to your story could be the catalyst for some real improvement in our situation and we cannot thank you enough for that.

We talked on the way home about Chris Varney, Temple Grandin and Daniel. We will spend more time on the weekend reading about and listening to other inspirational people with Autism. It is wonderful for my boy to see that he shares so much with such inspirational people. Thank you again for sharing your story and we would love to come and see your next talk.


What an amazing journey Daniel has been on! EVERYONE should get the opportunity to listen to this inspiring story about overcoming challenges, building resilience, having high expectations and achieving what you want in life.


My son and I attended your presentation last night and we'd like to thank you for sharing your story and journey with us. Both Daniel and Daryl are amazing people and have such terrific advice and knowledge to share. We would recommend all professionals, parents, children and the wider community to attend Daniel's presentation. We hope we can meet with you again one day and all the best for the future.


I highly recommend EVERYONE who either has a loved one with Autism or is involved in the lives of individuals with Autism on a professional level, hear this brilliant Father & Son story! You will be well rewarded for your effort believe me! Not only will you walk away from it in awe, you will walk away with a newfound perspective about what you thought you knew about Autism. ESPECIALLY around the long standing and inaccurate perceptions of Classic Autistic individuals. 

As parent of an 11yr old Non Speaking Classic Autistic with Developmental Coordination Disorder and who has an IQ of 135, I have been incredibly blessed to have known Daniel and Daryl throughout our own journey. They paved the way for kids like mine, who is now only 1 of 2 in our region to EVER fully transfer from Special Education to a Mainstream School. (The first, of course, was Daniel) 

My son is now thriving in a mainstream public school. He is included and accepted by a whole school community and he is finally in a place where he feels he BELONGS. There is PLENTY more kids just like him and Daniel out there who need and deserve the same opportunities they have been given. 

If I hadn’t met Daniel when my boy was first diagnosed and then go on to meet Daryl and learn about their journey, my boy would not be where he is now. I may’ve actually given up because I was constantly beaten down by (mostly) non believers who thought I was delusional! Just the thought makes me shudder. 

So whether you’re a parent/carer/family member to an individual with Autism or a professional working with them and you get the opportunity to attend one of Daniel and Daryl’s events, do yourself a favour and don’t miss it! I promise you will not be disappointed.


What an amazing father and son you are.



We were at your Shepparton presentation and I was moved to tears by the strength and courage you both have. We have a 5 year old high functioning autistic boy W****, and although we are doing all we can to help him grow to a fine adult, as the parents of an autistic child you always seem to doubt yourself........but tonight you showed us how far love, support and confidence can take our special ones. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and giving us hope, Daniel is a fine young man, if W**** becomes half the man Daniel is I will be sooooooo proud.

Daryl you have done an incredible job, your an inspiration to all of us with a loved one on the spectrum.



All over Australia, more Classic Autistic families NEED to hear your story and be empowered. Professionals need to hear your story to stop underestimating Classic Autistics.

Name: Not supplied

Highly recommend as l saw this in Bendigo, very inspiring!


Very interesting and insightful speakers.


I just heard the inspiring talk by Daniel Giles and his dad, Daryl, on the autism journey, in Bendigo. I would recommend attending for parents and for those on the spectrum who would like to hear more about autism as a lived experience.


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