Autism Advocacy
is what we are about

Our presentations are designed to give hope and provide strategies to families of Autistic individuals and to better inform those working with Autistic individuals. All of our presentations are based on lived experience, both from Daniel's perspective of being Autistic and from Daryl's perspective as a parent who wants the best outcomes for
his child.

We endeavor to provide our audiences with:

  • A better insight of the mind of Autistic individuals

  • Some ideas for strategies to achieve best outcomes

  • Hope to the parents and families of Autistic individuals

We hope to bring our presentation far and wide and use this to empower families with hope and strategies.

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Daniel Giles OAM has a Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons) and works in this field. When he is not doing this he is involved in many committees advocating for people  with diverse needs. 

Daryl Giles is Daniel's father, who, after watching Daniel's growth as a public speaker over the past 15 years, has now joined Daniel to present with him and give a parents perspective of Daniel's Autism journey.


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